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  • Could you please tell me about the following: Essential Pedicure • Spa Pedicure With Paraffin • Signature Pedicure I would like to make an appointment to pamper my feet but would like to know the difference between the pedicures please. p.s. I have dry feet that need some TLC :) Thank you!!

  • Hi, Thank you for sending us your question.  Let me explain the different pedicures.  The Essential Pedicure is our basic pedicure.  Your feet are soaked in an aromatic warm foot bath, the calluses are filed away, your nails are clipped and a lotion is applied to your feet and calves.  We then apply the lacquer of your choice onto your nails.

    The Spa Pedicure is everything the Essential is but we wrap your feet in warm paraffin wax for deep therapeutic results that release tension and hydrate the feet..  We also use SpaRitual which is an organic line of products.

    The Signature Pedicure is a service that is completed in a private room, you are lying down for the whole treatment.  Includes an Essential pedicure but adds a hydrating mask on your feet.  while that is sitting you get an arm and neck massage.  It is highly recommended for an intense relaxation treatment.

    I hope I have answered your question and we look forward to giving your dry feet a little TLC.

  • I was wondering if you do consultations separately from a hair cut or if it can be all done at the same time. I have no clue what to do with my hair and need to have someone tell me what I should do and what will look good for me. Looking at doing a complete wash, cut and style. It would be my first time getting my hair cut at a higher quality hair salon and I just want to feel comfortable. Too often when I go to get a hair cut and ask for suggestions they just say "You tell me what to do" I am no hair professional at all and have 0 clue what to do! Hoping your Salon can help with this! Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for using "Ask an Expert".

    At Polish Day Spa & Salon our stylists always book a new client with a 15 minutes consultation prior to starting the haircut.  We also ensure that with existing clients we have a consultation time as well so that we can determine if any changes are required.

    Our senior stylists can certainly help you with finding a look that you will like although they will have to ask you questions to determine what look will fit into your regular home care regime and your preferences.  Please call us at 613-969-1212 and explain to our front desk that it is your first time and you are looking for a senior stylist to help you pick out your new look!

    Thank you for your question!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Hi there I'm sending this message today is because I have some problems with some of your hairstyling and hair removal service. One, for the hair removal underarms section, is the price for per visit or per underarm? Second, what is the difference between Special Occasion/Bridal and Special Occasion/Bridal Trial in terms of service and styling? Finally for the special occasion/bridal, is it possible that I may also have a consultation about styling before hand? Thank you for your time.

  • Hi Jing,

    Thank you for your questions. 

    The price on the website for underarm hair removal is per visit not per arm.The Special Occasion/Bridal Trial is just that, a trial of how you want your hair to look for your wedding day.  We recommend that this be done two to three weeks prior to your wedding.  This is your chance to bring in a picture or your thoughts on how you want your hair for your wedding.  Come into the salon with clean dry hair as that is the best way to start the trial.  The stylist will consult with you and help you get the look that you are envisioning.   Take a picture so you can remember how it your hair will look and write down the products she used so that you can have them on the day of your wedding to keep your hair in place.   Make sure you bring your accessories, head piece, earrings etc. so that you can experiment with them.   This is a great time to speak with the stylist to find out how much your hair will be on the day of your wedding, depending upon how intricate it is.  The Bridal trial appointment starts at $45.00.

    The Special Occasion Bridal service is your updo on the day of your wedding.  The Special Occasion Bridal starts at $60.00.  We also recommend that your hair is clean, dry, product free and has not been straightened.  Also, wear a button up shirt on this day so you don't ruin your hair and makeup when you get dressed for your wedding.

    I hope your find this information helpful.  If you have any further questions please feel free to call our Event Coordinator, Julia at 613-969-1212.

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